Handmade pressed flower and foliage art

My selection of artworks are made with pressed flowers from my garden using my Granny Connie's vintage flower press. 

Each piece is unique, celebrating nature in all its forms and texture. 

I also am happy to consider commissions so if you have something special in mind please don't hesitate to get in touch

All prices below are exclusive of postage.


Current Art Collection


From the Garden

Handmade pressed flower picture with grey poppy and grasses.


Size: 33cm x 33cm Qty: 1 available


Fern Party

Handmade pressed fern picture. Framed. 

Size: 33cm x 33cm  Qty: 1 available



Autumn Spiral

Handmade pressed foliage picture. Unframed.   

Size: 38cm x 27cm

 Qty: 1 available



Autumn Leaves

Handmade pressed foliage and flower picture. Unframed.


Size: 38cm x 26cm  Qty: 1 available


Leaf Trio

Trio of handmade pressed foliage pictures. Fern, Maidenhair fern and Ginkgo. Unframed.  

Size: 14cm x 13cm each  Qty: 1 available



Fennel x Grass

Handmade pressed foliage picture. Framed


Size: 16cm x 16cm  Qty: 1 available



Three Leaves

Handmade pressed foliage and grasses. Unframed. 

Size: 14cm x 13cm inches 

Qty: 1 available


Flower Trio

Handmade pressed flower and foliage picture. 

Size: 14.5cm x 14.5cm   Qty: 1 available




Pressed single fern leaf in copper frame.  Frame has hanging chain. 

Size: 16cm x 11 cm

Qty: 2 available - made to order.